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August 26, 2014

Study Suggests Arizona More Lenient on Potential Sex Offenders

An alarming new study indicates that the crime of soliciting sex from a minor in Arizona carries a shorter sentence than other serious offenses. A study conducted by the anti-sex trafficking group Shared Hope International and Arizona State University is raising some important questions about existing legislation. Soliciting sex to minors in Arizona is a […]



Dog Breed Doesn’t Correlate to Dog Bites, Some Say

Dog bites and dog attacks can be very serious and even fatal. It has been a popular myth for a long time that certain breeds are more prone to biting than others. If you were to ask individuals what they thought the most dangerous breeds were, they would likely mention breeds like Pit Bull, Doberman, and Rottweiler. Certain dog breeds are even illegal to own in certain parts of the country because of a perceived increased risk of dog bites and dog attacks.

According to some experts, however, the breed of the dog has very little to do with whether they are likely to attack or not. Cesar Millan, also known as the Dog Whisperer and a man whose entire livelihood is dependent on his knowledge and training of dogs, is well-known for saying that dogs themselves are not dangerous. According to Mr. Millan, the owners are almost always the ones to blame for the dog’s behavior issues.

Laws have very clear definitions of dangerous behavior in dogs. Any animal that injures or kills a person or pet is considered to be dangerous, and action against that animal will likely be taken. The owner of the dog is strictly liable for any dog bite or dog attack under Arizona law.

While veterinarians and health care professionals have publicly come out and said that they don’t see a strong correlation between certain breeds and animal attacks, the truth remains that the more powerful, larger dog breeds are capable of doing a lot more damage in an attack. While being bitten by a Yorkie will undoubtedly hurt, being bitten by an angry Pit Bull can break bones, and even kill.

There are continuing studies being undertaken on dog breeds and violent behavior, but one thing is for certain: If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog, make sure you take every step to ensure your family’s legal rights are protected. Don’t let someone’s “pet” get away with mauling you or your loved one’s future.

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